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A major Mario Kart 8 expansion is on the way with playable Link


Could it be happening? The Smash Bros/Mario Kart crossover we’ve all been waiting for? It seems like the go-kart wheels of hope are turning in our favor. Nintendo of America has officially announced two new DLC packs for the United States. Players will be able to finally play as characters outside of the Mario universe.


'Comcast cancel' by CAPS OFF PLEASE


While searching instagram for new and exciting food ideas, I came across this amazing cook show called Bits & Pieces: A cooking show with Chef Julie Yoon (you can find it here: )

She made No bake Nutella Cheesecake.. I HAD to try it! So with the help of my wife (she did most of it) We created Chef Julie’s Masterpiece!! We substituted the strawberries with Raspberries and roasted the nuts!


How to draw rain in Photoshop


First of all, you will need photoshop, obviously.

Open up your image, the one you’ll be using to put rain on top of.


Select the brush tool


Make sure the colour selected is WHITE


This part is very important. MAKE A NEW LAYER.


Start drawing diagonal lines onto the canvas….


Hey guys, finally made a tutorial. :D Also on the deviantART: [ x ]

This is simply me sharing some of my thoughts when going through a painting. My views and opinions are constantly evolving, so nothing I say here is really concrete. This is just a current update on some of my thoughts and approaches to digital painting. Hope you enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated so I can make a better tutorial. If there’s something specific you see in my work you’d like to see explained, let me know too.


How I remove white backgrounds from scans.

I can never get the other method to work that I have seen here on some tutorial blogs. So I found another way which is much more simple in my opinion. I am not sure if it will work on later versions of photoshop. I am using the cs5 version. 

Hope this helps someone!

Edit: Wow this has picked up way more than I expected. If you have any issues with it working feel free to ask me and I’ll see if I can help you :)